EiLA~MODE is a Black Owned brand that offers delectably fresh lemonade recipes, passed down through the generations. It's Lemonade made by lemonade lovers for lemonade lovers! 

There's so much to learn about EiLA~MODE and her delectable creations! EiLA~MODE was founded in 2019 by the mother of the young owner. The idea came as she was creating healthy baby food alternatives which led her to create multiple unique smoothie recipes and so much more. As Eilah began to grow the resurfacing of the idea came forth once again when making lemonade recipes for the family, intrigued Baby Eilah so much that she began asking for a Lemonade stand. This led to the renowned brand, Eila~MODE's relaunch. This time around EiLA~MODE is coming out! & With So Much More Than Just Lemonade!  Stay Tuned!